Feb 7, 2010


Day 38.  A year ago today, my precious little girl was born.  She was the tiniest little baby at less than four and a half pounds.  Today was bittersweet for me.  I have loved seeing her grow and bloom, but I am most definitely not quite ready for her to be one.  She is our last baby and I am doing my best to savor every moment.  The last year has flown by.  Way too fast!
If you have a new baby in your house enjoy every minute of it.  No matter if you are sleep deprived, unshowered, still in your pajamas at dinner, barely keeping up with the house, feeling like an overall mess.  Savor the time you have with your baby.  Snuggle a little more, take in their smells and sounds, squeeze that baby chub, and get every slobbery wet kiss you can.  Because it won't be long and you will wonder where the time went.

Happy Birthday baby girl!  No matter how big you grow, you will always be my little peanut.  I love you.

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