Feb 9, 2010

You color my world

Day 39.  We love to make handmade items as gifts.  The kids have helped me make items since they were old enough to give a hand.  This year for Valentine's Day we decided to make our own valentines (we actually do that every year).  Lorelei spent an afternoon peeling our old, broken crayons and Tyler helped once he got home from school.  Then we melted them in a warm oven in a silicone heart shaped ice tray (I got it at Target for $2.50 in the dollar bin section).  We cut Lorelei's most recent watercolor pages into 3x4 pieces and hot clued our heart shaped rainbow crayons on.  I love to recycle the kid's artwork into greeting cards or wrapping paper.  It is the perfect way to share their art with the ones we love and I would feel too guilty just throwing it away so it is a great way to keep the paper load under control.   I think the valentines turned out amazing!  So bright and cheery.  Each of them one of a kind with their own original artwork card.  The kids are so excited, too because they mostly made them themselves (except the baking and hot glue gun).


  1. Chryshele, this is Sarah From The Maternal Lens! I did this exact thing with my son for his kindergarten class. Thanks for the great idea!!

  2. Yay! Wasn't it fun to pop them out and see how the underside looked on each one?