Feb 6, 2010

Our excellent adventure

Day 37.  I have stuck to my resolve to get more photos hung around my own house this week.  While working on a portrait collage wall, I realized that I didn't have a current horizontal presentation photo of Tyler.  I already had the frames hung the way I liked, so my only option was to go out and a shoot a new photo to put in the empty frame.  I grabbed my camera and Tyler.  We literally ran out the door.  There was only about 15 minutes left of sunlight, so we were rushing.  I drove down the street looking for a portrait spot to suit my needs.  I found what appeared to be an empty lot with old sheds and great fencing, so we parked and proceeded to take photos.  When we got back in the car Tyler said to me "Mom!  That was an excellent adventure!".  So, if you are reading this blog and this fence looks familiar to you then I really didn't mean to trespass.  But, a photographer has to do what is necessary to get a great shot.  :)

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