Jan 4, 2010

day 1 -3

I was out of town at the beginning of January, so I will have to play catch up to get the pictures posted for the last three days...

Jan 1, 2010
Day one.  Driving into the driveway of my childhood home at Christmas time is so spectacular.  My mom has always gone overboard at Christmas.  Overboard in the best way.  Her house is the brightest on the block and the inside is just as festive.  The first thing the children said was "Look at all the lights!". 

Jan 2, 2010
Day two.  Today we headed out to Papa's house.  My dad is a rancher and is making every effort to give Tyler his taste of Texas country every time we head out to see him.  He has cows, horses, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, and even a donkey.  This visit he brought out the big guns.  Literally.   The guys thought it would be the perfect chance to teach Tyler about gun safety and what to do if he ever sees a friend playing with a gun.  They let him see the power and damage of a 12-gauge shotgun.  And Papa even pulled out my very first BB gun from when I was a little girl to let Tyler try to hit a few targets.  Tyler and Papa on the ranch.

Jan 3, 2010
Day three.  Tyler turned out to be a sharp shooter.  After a little coaching and several reminders about the proper eye to close while aiming, Tyler was able to hit his mark every time.  The high fives were flying.  I think Tyler enjoyed every testosterone filled minute out with the men of the family.

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