Jan 10, 2010

A small fish in a big pond

Day ten.  Ember is 11 months old and has finally outgrown her blue plastic infant tub.  Well, technically, she hasn't outgrown it.  I really just grew tired of having to surround the counters in the kitchen with towels every time she took a bath to help mop up the puddles of water within the splash zone.
Last night I announced at bath time that Ember and Lorelei would be bathing in the downstairs tub together.  Both girls seemed equally excited about having a bath time buddy.  While Lorelei undressed, I stuck Ember in the tub and couldn't help but giggle.  The overwhelming size difference wasn't hard to miss.  Ember however seemed very pleased with the new tub.  It should be a while before she can splash water over the sides of that tub.

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