Jan 11, 2010


Day eleven.   Ever since Lorelei has been able to talk, her favorite color has been pink.  She will tell you everyday.  More than once.  Even if you aren't asking her or have heard it enough to know not to ask she will still announce spontaneously "My favorite color is pink!".  She incorporates pink into every aspect of her life that she possibly can.  Pink pajamas, pink bedding, pink toothpaste, a pink bowl and spoon to eat her breakfast, a pink outfit with a pink hair bow...well, you get the idea.  Her newest request for pink accessories is nail polish.  At least once a week, she will bring me a bottle of nail polish and ask to be painted.  Sometimes I can get away with just polishing her fingernails, but mostly she wants the total mani-pedi treatment.  She is only 3.  I dread her teen years, but I am loving every sparkling pink moment of her preschool years.

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