Jan 12, 2010

Toes that cute

Day twelve. Today the girls and I  headed out to Target to pick up a few things to help organize the stacks of papers littering my desk.  When we were in the checkout, the lady behind us said (while looking at Ember) "I haven't seen toes that cute since my children were little."  Of course, I have to agree.
I absolutely detest adult feet. Honestly, they gross me out. I will only photograph them alongside little feet.  However, I cannot get enough of baby feet.  I will never understand my love of baby feet. I seriously LOVE baby feet. A chunky little foot with tiny little sausage toes attached. The way they turn inward when they start to crawl.  I love to photograph them.  I hate to cover them with shoes.  To me, they are simply irresistible.

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