Jan 4, 2010

new year brings new challenge

It is 2010 and I have resolved to focus more on me and the things I love doing.  One, I will complete an intense 90-day workout regimen to get me back into pre-three-baby shape.  Two, I will return my primary extracurricular focus to the thing I absolutely love - photography.   I have several photographer friends who have taken on a 365 project and thought that it would be the perfect challenge to inspire me to photograph something wonderful every day.  That is where this new blog comes in to focus (pun intended).  I will be photographing, editing, and posting one image every day for the next 365 days.  It will be anything I see through my lens and most likely will be a ton of pictures of my three little rugrats.  They are afterall my favorite subjects.

Click to follow me on my 356 day journey.  I would love to have you along!
Love, Chryshelle

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