Jan 14, 2010


Day fourteen.  It is January of 2010.  To me that means that in a short three months Lorelei will be four.  I have really loved her 3 year old stage.  She has become more strong-headed.  I mean, independent.  She has started losing her toddler self and is beginning to become the most beautiful, smart little girl.

Okay, enough of that sappy stuff.  The REAL reason I am sad that she is nearing four is because I will see far less of the "three".  I don't know where she learned how to show three fingers.  I have never seen anyone do it like she does, so I can't figure out where she picked it up.  She signs it so naturally and does it the same with both hands.  I love seeing strangers faces when they ask how old she is.  If you see her sometime soon, be sure to ask her age.  It will be sure to put a confused smile on your face, too. 

I am using this image as an entry in the photo of the week contest at http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/. Be sure to head over there and enter your own photos. Anyone can enter!


  1. Thats awesome...my daughter had a hard time as well with that.

  2. This is great!!! Beautiful picture and little girl! They grow up way too fast!